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RADAR on Medicare Advantage Annual Subscription

RADAR on Medicare Advantage Annual Subscription

RADAR on Medicare Advantage Annual Subscription

Read a leading biweekly publication discussing strategies and analysis of Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D and managed Medicaid reimbursement. This publication offers customized content for health plans, trade groups, consumer advocates, pharmacy benefit managers and revenue cycle product vendors.

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RADAR on Medicare Advantage dives into these topics and more:

  • How can I plan for potential new guidance from CMS that impacts the way MA insurers do business?
  • What initiatives are my competitors launching to contain costs?
  • What could be the impact of policy changes being enacted to allow for more control over drug costs?

In Each Issue You’ll Find:

  • In-depth articles with multiple perspectives, addressing major catalysts in the Medicare Advantage, managed Medicaid, Medicare Part D and dual-eligible markets.
  • Industry surveillance, news and exclusive AIS Health data

Is This Right for You? Our Audience Includes:

  • Health plan business and financial managers
  • Trade groups, health plan associations and consumer advocates
  • Providers and physician groups
  • PBMs
  • Vendors, including claims and risk adjustment technology vendors, post-acute care benefits managers and health insurance distribution and marketing experts
  • Investment banking and financial services firms
  • Consultants, actuaries and attorneys