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Health Plan Weekly Annual Subscription

Health Plan Weekly Annual Subscription

Health Plan Weekly Annual Subscription

This weekly publication analyzes major trends affecting health insurers’ profitability, market share, regulatory issues, and the best strategies to navigate the competitive landscape.

How can I understand the value insurers place on integrated medical and pharmacy data and how that drives the payer acquisition landscape?

How should I track the recent growth in provider-led health plans and how they fit into the competitive landscape?

How can I understand what investments my competitors are making in telehealth capabilities, value-based care programs and other innovations?

Health Plan Weekly answers these questions and much more.

In each issue you’ll find:

  • In-depth articles with multiple sources, addressing recent news events or trends.
  • Executive articles summarizing ongoing trends of interest for a single business line, such as case studies and recent research.


  • Health insurer executives and managers
  • Managers of provider-led plans
  • Major health system or medical groups, ACOs and other provider organizations
  • Pharma companies
  • PBMs
  • Care management companies
  • Health IT vendors
  • Law firms
  • Industry and financial consultants