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RADAR on Drug Benefits Annual Subscription

RADAR on Drug Benefits Annual Subscription

RADAR on Drug Benefits Annual Subscription

Stay up-to-date on pharmacy reimbursement with business strategies and analysis for health plans, employers, PBMs and pharmaceutical companies. This biweekly publication covers targeted topics, such as drug trends for a specific class, employer attitudes toward pharmacy benefit management tools and copay/coinsurance levels.

NOTE: Your subscription agreement includes a nonrefundable automatic renewal. Your subscription will be renewed at the end of your monthly or annual term using the credit card on file unless you cancel before the next renewal date. Subscribers receive an email notification when new content is posted. See the shopping cart for the renewal date for each subscription.

RADAR on Drug Benefits addresses these topics and more with in-depth analysis and data:

  • How should my plan develop management approaches for traditional and specialty drugs reimbursed through the pharmacy benefit?
  • How can I plan for potential federal and state laws, regulations and initiatives aimed at reducing drug prices for consumers?
  • How is the payer market likely to manage the new drug I am preparing to market?

In Each Issue You’ll Find:

  • In-depth articles with multiple perspectives, addressing major catalysts and ongoing topics of interest, such as drug trend and spend rates and recent research.
  • Exclusive data from AIS Health and MMIT, such as indication-specific drug trends, coverage policies and copay/coinsurance levels.

Is This Right for You? Our Audience Includes:

  • Health plan and PBM medical or pharmacy directors
  • Pharmaceutical executives
  • Retail pharmacy executives
  • Employee benefit and actuarial consultants
  • Law firms
  • Financial analysts
  • Trade groups, health plan associations and consumer advocates