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RADAR on Specialty Pharmacy Monthly Subscription

RADAR on Specialty Pharmacy Monthly Subscription

RADAR on Specialty Pharmacy Monthly Subscription

Gain a better understanding of specialty drugs, related devices and tests, and therapeutic areas in which the products are used. This monthly publication provides strategic information for pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy directors, MCOs, PBMs, industry consultants and clinicians.

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Answer These Questions:

Get the answers to these questions and more with RADAR on Specialty Pharmacy.

  • How are payers developing management approaches for drugs and diseases?
  • What factors go into payers’ formulary determinations?
  • What are the most recent cost forecasts and comparisons for specialty drugs?
In Each Issue You’ll Find:
  • In-depth articles with multiple perspectives, addressing major catalysts and ongoing topics of interest, such as specialty pharmacy network strategies, new FDA-approved specialty products, payer management strategies for drugs and diseases and M&A trends impacting specialty pharmacy stakeholders.
  • Data and analysis of specialty drug trend and spend, cost projections and pipeline data.

Is This Right for You? Our Audience Includes:

  • Pharmacy directors and medical directors at MCOs
  • Specialty pharmacy and PBM executives
  • Infusion suite and home infusion executives
  • Executives and marketers at specialty pharmaceutical and related diagnostic and device companies
  • Clinicians
  • Home health agencies
  • Industry consultants
  • Drug distributors/wholesalers and clinical diagnostic manufacturers
  • Investment firms and analysts