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Health Plan Weekly Monthly Subscription

Health Plan Weekly Monthly Subscription

Health Plan Weekly Monthly Subscription

This weekly online publication analyzes major trends, events and regulatory issues that affect the health insurance sector, including the commercial, Affordable Care Act exchange, managed Medicaid and Medicare Advantage markets.

Health Plan Weekly Answers These Questions and Much More:

  • How will the latest M&A activity impact competition in the markets I serve?
  • How should my organization respond to legislative and regulatory reforms around prior authorization, surprise billing and price transparency?
  • How can I understand what investments my competitors are making in artificial intelligence, telehealth capabilities, value-based care programs and other innovations?
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In Each Issue You’ll Find:

In-depth articles with multiple perspectives, addressing major catalysts and ongoing topics of interest, such as ongoing industry consolidation shifts in health care utilization and drug spending, quarterly earnings reports, the interplay between Medicaid redeterminations and ACA exchange enrollment, trends in telehealth and technology, payer management strategies for drugs and diseases, and M&A trends impacting payers of all types.

Industry surveillance, news and interactive graphics that include AIS Health and MMIT data and analyze pharmacy and enrollment trends, PLUS exclusive access to HPW’s Executive Compensation database and other key financial data.

Is This Right for You? Our Audience Includes:

  • Chief financial officers, pharmacy directors, medical directors, and other key decision makers at health plans
  • PBM executives
  • Health care providers
  • Industry consultants
  • Investment firms and analysts
  • Trade groups, health plan associations and consumer advocates
  • Technology vendors and other suppliers
  • Health policy researchers

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