Cell and Gene Therapies Pose Multiple Challenges but No Easy Solutions

  • Jun 13, 2024

    While health care payers are facing a variety of issues, paying for multimillion-dollar cell and gene therapies (CGTs) is one of the most pressing, as evidenced by sessions at two recent AHIP conferences. Multiple speakers discussed various approaches to the agents, as well as challenges payers need to tackle, but all acknowledged that a truly successful model has yet to be implemented.

    Many CGTs are in the pipeline, impacting potentially millions of patients and prompting many questions around affordability and accessibility, stated Sean Dickson, senior vice president of pharmaceutical policy at AHIP, during a session in Baltimore titled “Cell and Gene Therapies: Regulatory Updates and Coverage Policies.” “Oncology is where it will get really interesting,” and these agents will have the greatest impact on Medicare payers.

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  • Angela Maas

    Angela has an extensive background of editing, reporting and writing for trade and consumer publications. She has written Radar on Specialty Pharmacy since she joined AIS Health in 2005 and has broad knowledge of the various issues at play within the space. She also has written for Spotlight on Market Access since its 2017 launch. Before joining AIS Health, she was managing editor at Employee Benefit News and Employee Benefit News Canada and managing editor at Hem Aware (a hemophilia publication), Lupus Living and Momentum (a multiple sclerosis publication). She has a B.A. in English and an M.A. in British literature from Arizona State University.

    Peter Johnson

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