Payers Are Increasingly Attracted to Growing SNP Market

  • From 2017 to 2021, the number of people enrolled in Special Needs Plans (SNPs) grew 69.2%, topping 4.1 million lives, according to the latest update to AIS’s Directory of Health Plans. D-SNPs saw the most growth, a whopping 79.3% increase to 3.7 million lives, followed by I-SNPs (+31.9%), then C-SNPs (+16.6%). Meanwhile, plans have grown to meet that surge, with the total number of SNP offerings expanding from 498 to 926 plans in the same time period, per an analysis of CMS’s Landscape files from Clear View Solutions, LLC. Clear View’s data shows that with the exception of the C-SNP market in 2019, the number of new SNP offerings has exceeded the number of plans that were dropped each year. And while UnitedHealthcare dominates the entire SNP market, enrolling at least one-third of members in all three segments, some local payers have also made their mark, including New York City-based Healthfirst (147,000 D-SNP lives) and Southern California’s SCAN Health Plan (14,000 C-SNP lives). See an overview of Clear View’s analysis, plus enrollment snapshots of the SNP markets in the graphics below.



    SOURCES: DHP, AIS’s Directory of Health Plans; Clear View Solutions, LLC.

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  • Carina Belles

    Carina is a reporter at AIS, specializing in public sector data research, trend analysis and infographics. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Ohio University, joining AIS shortly after graduating in 2014.

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