News Briefs: Walgreens to Complete Acquisition of Specialty Pharmacy

  • Sep 22, 2022

    Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc. (WBA) will assume full control of specialty pharmacy Shields Health Solutions for approximately $1.37 billion cash, the firm said Tuesday. Walgreens already controlled the pharmacy, holding 71% of the company’s stock thanks to a $970 million deal that closed last year. WBA CEO Roz Brewer said in a press release that the deal will allow “further progress on our strategy through Shields’ integrated model, increasing our value to health systems, expanding access to payor partners and supporting improved outcomes and lower costs.” 

    Centene Corp. agreed to pay $165.6 million to the state of Texas over the state's contention that the insurer overcharged the state's Medicaid program for PBM services, according to legal documents obtained by Kaiser Health News (KHN). The settlement is the largest of a series of settlements from at least a dozen states over similar charges. The Texas settlement is the largest such arrangement, with Centene paying out at least $475 million so far to the states of Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, and Washington; three other states have not released the value of their settlements with the Medicaid-focused insurer, per KHN. Centene has divested most of its PBM assets over the past year, and told investors in 2021 that it set aside $1.25 billion to wind down its liability to states in this area.

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