Experts Expect Small Decrease in ACA Premiums From New Short-Term Plan Limits

  • Jul 14, 2023

    In a new proposed regulation, the Biden administration seeks to reinstate limits on short-term, limited-duration insurance (STLDI) plans that the Trump administration had loosened — a move that health policy experts predict will have a small but positive effect on the Affordable Care Act-compliant plan market.

    But HHS and the Labor and Treasury departments didn’t stop there — they also proposed changes to hospital and fixed indemnity policies and sought comments on whether they should address the proliferation of level-funded plans in future rulemaking.

    “I thought that was interesting,” says Katherine Hempstead, senior policy adviser at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. “That seems like kind of an effort to, as much as possible, tidy up all those shards of business in the marketplace that are not good for the ACA-compliant market — either the individual or small group [segment].”

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  • Leslie Small

    Leslie has been working in journalism since 2009 and reporting on the health care industry since 2014. She has covered the many ups and downs of the Affordable Care Act exchanges, the failed health insurer mega-mergers, and hundreds of other storylines spanning subjects such as Medicaid managed care, Medicare Advantage, employer-sponsored insurance, and prescription drug coverage. As the managing editor of Health Plan Weekly and Radar on Drug Benefits, she writes and edits for both publications while overseeing a small team of reporters who also focus on the managed care sector. Before joining AIS Health, she was a senior editor for the e-newsletter Fierce Health Payer, and she started her career as a copy editor at multiple local newspapers. She graduated with a dual degree in journalism and political science from Penn State University.

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