Elevance: AI Can Cure Provider Directory Headaches

  • Jul 05, 2024

    While use cases for artificial intelligence are still largely being tested in health care, AI may be helpful right now for health plans seeking to manage their provider directories — a troublesome task that even the largest payers struggle to handle.

    “There’s a lot of hype here, and really, so far, not much has really materialized,” said Neel Butala, M.D., cofounder of HiLabs, during a June 25 AHIP webinar.

    “However, there’s a big appetite [for AI]…everything ranging from automating administrative tasks, apps, data analytics, to risk prediction, and even you know, personalized medicine. AI has applications in each of these buckets with varying ranges of maturity. And we feel, right now at least, that the easiest thing for people to engage AI in right now is automating administrative tasks. And this is because it improves efficiency; has direct, easily measurable ROI; and it’s pretty low risk for health plans in particular, as it's not really directly involved in member care. And finally, an easy win here can help any AI across an organization that can then be used…for other types of applications that are more advanced, that have a big impact.”

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  • Peter Johnson

    Peter has worked as a journalist since 2011 and has covered health care since 2020. At AIS Health, Peter covers trends in finance, business and policy that affect the health insurance and pharma sectors. For Health Plan Weekly, he covers all aspects of the U.S. health insurance sector, including employer-sponsored insurance, Medicaid managed care, Medicare Advantage and the Affordable Care Act individual marketplaces. In Radar on Drug Benefits, Peter covers the operations of (and conflicts between) pharmacy benefit managers and pharmaceutical manufacturers, with a particular focus on pricing dynamics and market access. Before joining AIS Health, Peter covered transportation, public safety and local government for various outlets in Seattle, his hometown and current place of residence. He graduated with a B.A. from Colby College.

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